The First LEAP Expo 2018 Closes with Great Success in Shenzhen


The LEAP Expo 2018, organized by Messe Muenchen Shanghai Co., Ltd, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Machinery Sub-Council, and Chinese Optical Society-Laser Processing Committee, was held successfully in Shenzhen Convention Center on Oct. 10-12 in South China. The exhibition was held along with three exhibitions - the Shenzhen International Electronics Manufacturing Automation Expo, productronica South China and Laser South China – featured about 300 exhibitors with their latest innovations and over 16,357 professional visitors on a total exhibition space of 15,000 sqm.


With three partner exhibitions going on at the same location, LEAP Expo covers the cutting-edge technologies and smart solutions under five themes: Automation and Robotics, Smart Factory, Electronics Manufacturing Solution, Dispensing & Materials, Cable Processing & Interconnection Technology, and Advanced Laser Technology and Application. The innovative model brings about whole-new experience to the visitors in South China. On the opening day, LEAP Expo is full of industry professionals and active discussions.


Mr. Edwin TAN, the CEO of Greater China and Southeast Asia, Messe Muenchen Shanghai Co., Ltd, spoke at the ceremony, “ Against the changes and challenges in the global manufacturing industry, the integration of innovation, AI, IT technology and industrialization has become an undeniable trend. LEAP Expo aims to offer more complete, high-end and innovative products and solutions. I am very happy to see its first opening in Shenzhen is so successful. I hope, like its name, LEAP Expo will make great leaps every year.”


Five Areas and Smart Factory Live Demo Exhibits Future Potential


 Automation and Robotic Technology Promote Industry Transformation
Automation and Robots is an important theme of LEAP Expo.


This area congregates the advanced technologies and products from around the globe, especially industrial robots, machine vision, system integration, IoT and smart warehousing. All the famous exhibitors in the industry brought their flagship products to the first LEAP Expo. Among them are the SHENYANG SIASUN, HRG, Shenzhen HUASHU, JAKA, Logthing, GSK CNC EQUIPMENT and HEXGON.


Mr. Sun Xitian, President of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Machinery Sub-Council, says that: “Messe München is one of the best-known exhibition organizers in the world. We have made very successful cooperation before and I believe this time our friendship and business will both come to a new height. From what I saw this morning onsite, I should say what I dreamed has become true. In one word to describe my satisfaction that would be “Excellent!” For the next year, I hope Messe München and CCPIT will adhere to its high-quality concept and organize an exhibition that is truly excellent and needed.”


Mr. Ha Enjing, Director of Branding and PR from SIASUN ROBOT& AUTOMATION CO., LTD. expressed his satisfaction, “This is the first time SIASUN attends a professional exhibition in Shenzhen. In the past years, we mainly attended exhibitions in the robots industry. At LEAP Expo, the visitors are coming with their needs and questions. Through communication with them, we also found a lot of application potentials and opportunities.”


 Advanced Laser and Processing Area – tailored laser processing and smart manufacturing for the electronics, automobile and metal processing industries


Mr. Wang Youliang, Director of Laser Processing Committee- China Optical Society was very happy: “After ten golden years, the laser industry in China has secured a leading position in the entire world in both size and speed. In regard to the development principle of high-tech industries, it is expected that the laser industry will become 5-10 times bigger in the next 5-10 years. The South China market is huge application market for the laser technology. So LEAP Expo, on the one hand, it is a necessary part of the industry upgrade. On the other hand, it will be a driving force to the “One-Belt-One-Road” program and the development of the Guangdong- Hong Kong- Macau Bay district.”


The Advanced Laser and Processing Area exhibited technologies and solutions in advanced laser technology and application area. The area gathered over 100 exhibitors including TRUMPF, Han’s Laser, HG Laser, Penta Laser, Huaray, Raycus, Maxphotonics, JPT, Linyun, Suzhou Bellin, PRECITEC, Suzhou Everbright, Syntec, Suzhou Inngu, Lead Laser, Hantong, PRIMA, Morehorizon Machinery, and CMVU. The exhibition focuses on the laser processing market in South China. With careful planning, organization and implementation, around 100 visitor groups from the electronics, automobile, shipbuilding, home appliance, advertising and metal processing industries are formed. The major visitors include Guangzhou Diesel Engine, Shenzhen Guangheng Steel, Sumitomo Electric, SAE, MEIZU, Zhuhai EWA EV, Dongguan Yuyang Automation, Shenzhen 3D Glass Industry Association, Guangdong Association of Shipbuilding Industry, Guangzhou Advertising Industry Association, Zhongshan Home Appliances Industry Association, Shenzhen Sign Industry Association, Shunde Home Appliances Chamber, and Guangzhou Machine Tool Industry Association.

Wang Zhaoyi, Vice GM of SHENZHEN INTE LASER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. says, “INTE LASER specializes in laser micro-processing. We are very satisfied with LEAP Expo 2018. The exhibition is very crowded and there are many professional visitors. We received a lot of quality customers. In the future, INTE LASER will focus on the application of ultrafast lasers. We will definitely exhibit again in 2019.”


 Eyeball-catching Production Lines at the 2,000 sqm Smart Factory Area


The first opening of IPC CFX Demo Line in China is a grand exhibition of the successful application of industrial Big Data technology. The Demo Line, based on IPC CFX-2591 Standards, presents the entire manufacturing process in the exhibition hall. 16 exhibitors, headed by IPC, collaborated to show the entire line. With the support of Huawei Cloud, real-time transmission and feedback is enabled. Visitors can find out about the manufacturing status through scanning the QR code. Mr. Jiang Wenhe, Vice President of the Greater China Region, IPC-Association Connecting Electronics Industries® mentioned, “IPC collaborated with Messe Muenchen Shanghai Co., Ltd. to bring about the first opening of IPC CFX Demo Line at LEAP Expo. The exhibition is very crowded and the visitors showed very strong interest in its real-time data transmisstion and feedback capability. The results of the first LEAP Expo are great. The exhibitors are satisfied with the quality of the visitors. All the IPC members also expressed their satisfaction. We thank Messe Muenchen Shanghai Co., Ltd. for such a great platform provided to IPC members. “


Mr. Tang Shulin, Industrial Engineering Manager of Dongguan Xinjing Electronics, was very happy, “We benefited a lot from LEAP Expo today. First of all we saw the entire smart factory production line here. And the IPC SMT standards. They help us to upgrade the existing equipment and the connections between them through Big Data and smart factories, so we will be a part of the Industry 4.0.”


Shenzhen General Technologies constructed a mixed, high reliability, super-wide SMT production line at LEAP Expo 2018. The Shenzhen General Technologies SMT Demo Line provides systematic solutions and added-value services to “future factories”. The Smart Inserter Production Line, co-built by several exhibitors, exhibits how the SMT manufacturing process can be streamlined, intelligent and digitalized. The Smart Factory Line co-built by 11 exhibitors display the latest solutions in all fields from smart material warehousing to automatic production lines under central monitoring, especially MES/WMS and smart warehousing, manufacturing equipment, smart logistics and delivery, planned manufacturing and human-machine coordinated manufacturing.


 Debut Products and Solutions in Cable Processing & Interconnection Technology Segment 


The Chinese market has become the booster engine of the global wire harnessing industry. With the development of new energy vehicles, consumer electronics and automatic equipment, the wire harnessing industry is facing new opportunities and challenges. A host of exhibitors, such as Komax Shanghai, JAM (Huizhou), Schaefer Trading, SHANGHAI SOLTEC, ShinMaywa (Shanghai), Xiamen Hiprecise Technology, Jiaxing Junquan Automation, Wuxi Airstorm Technology, and Hari Technology, gathered at the “Cable Processing & Interconnection Technology Area ” with machines that are able to perform cutting, stripping and sealing in one process, blind blocking solutions that are applicable in a wide range of situations, and new wire harnessing and connector ends specially designed for new energy vehicles. 


Mr. Zheng Guiyong, Senior Manager of Wistron Zhongshan Technology, mentioned, “Wistron mainly concerns the automation technology, because we are keen on smart manufacturing so we hope to see more, better solutions at LEAP Expo. Meanwhile, it is convenient for us to promote Industry 4.0 in our company. At LEAP Expo I saw the solution to irregular plug-in, I think it is very nice.”


 Dispensing & Material Segment – Multi-brand Coordinated Innovative Solutions


As the audit and transforming policies changes in the automobile, industrial manufacturing and consumer electronics industries, dispensing equipment has become more complex and diversified. It brought about a lot of opportunities for adhesive and dispensing equipment suppliers. With leading dispensing equipment and adhesive material manufacturers, including Nordson SELECT, Scheugenpflug, Hoenle UV Technology (Shanghai), Heraeus Noblelight(Shenyang), Dopag (Shanghai) Metering Technology, Visco Tec (Shanghai), Shenzhen Axxon Automation, Mycronic (Shanghai), and Xiamen THRAY, a wide variety of heat-conduction, electricity-conduction, sealing, UV hardening, surface processing and dispensing solutions are provided for the consumer electronics, telecommunications, automobile, new energy and medical treatment industries.


Mr. Wu Junlin, Sales Manager of Scheugenpflug said, “The new energy vehicle industry in Shenzhen is developing very fast. Through LEAP Expo, we can make contact with a lot of customers from the new energy industry. There are a lot of visitors and the halls are very crowded. Their feedbacks are also good. Scheugenpflug is very satisfied with the exhibition. We will certainly come again next year.”


Concurrent Conferences: Expert insights into Challenges and Trends


The concurrent conferences of the exhibition were especially intriguing. In the three days, the seven theme forums, including the Shenzhen Intelligent Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Forum ( IPC CFX Conference), the Shenzhen International Advanced Automobile Electronics and Manufacturing Technology Innovation Forum and the Shenzhen International Cable Processing and Interconnection Technology Forum, the 2018 Mobile Phone Smart Manufacturing Summit, the China Laser Safety Tutorials, the International Advanced Laser Innovative Technology Forum and the South China Laser Processing Application Market Summit, attracted 1,148 audiences. The topics of the conference cover the entire smart electronics industry chain, offering expert opinions on the challenges and future trends in the industry. The audiences made active responses and gave their extremely positive feedbacks.


LEAP Expo 2019 will open on October 10-12, 2019 at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.


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