Shanghai Info


Shanghai is the biggest city in China, one of China’s four municipalities, center of the Yangtze urban cluster, and the economic, science, industrial, financial, trading, exhibition and shipping center of China. Located at the mouth of Yangtze River and the middle of China’s coastline, Shanghai is home to the biggest international trading harbor and industrial base of this country. With Kyushu, Japan across the East China, the Hangzhou Bay in the south and Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces in the west, the Shanghai harbor is ranking the biggest in the world in cargo and container handling. As a new destination for tourism, Shanghai boasts both modern urban culture and a rich history. It is also the host of a World Expo. The integration of Jiangnan (literally, "south of the Yangtze River") tradition and immigrate culture has formed a unique Shanghai Culture. Shanghai is now an international metropolis and is expected to become an international financial and shipping center by 2020.

The word “metro” is a proper modifier for Shanghai – metro scenery, metro culture and metro business are all suitable descriptions for the city.  The buildings of Shanghai, as those in the Bund, Shanghai Gate and other places, are mixtures of Chinese and foreign, as well as modern and traditional styles. Dubbed as the Paris in the East, Shanghai is a great destination for shoppers with the Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road, Xujiahui Commercial Center, Yuyuan Commercial center and Kerry Everbright City as its shopping centers. Shanghai culture is also known as “Haipai” (the Shanghai school) culture, a culture that combines ancient and modern, traditional and fashionable, as well as open and unique characteristics. Burlesque, one-man show and Shanghai opera are its widely appreciated representatives. Shanghai also features a congregation of different foods, Beijing, Yangzhou, Sichuan, Guangzhou and Shanghai cuisines being the major flavours. The snacks in the Chenghuang Miao Temple are favoured by locals as well as visitors.